• May 14, 2019

Keeping your Finger on the Pulse of Social Media

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Keeping your Finger on the Pulse of Social Media

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Social media is alive and well, and only growing in influence. Keeping up with the ever changing and updating trends can seem overwhelming and even a lost cause but there are strategies that will offer peace of mind.


Schedule your posts ahead of time.

Block out some time on a weekend or whenever there’s a gap in your weekday madness to schedule your posts for the week. There are even some free online tools to help you accomplish this. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts in advance and choose the times they will be posted in the future. Scheduling regular posts can help show your customers that you’re active and working and ready to help be a champion for them.


Observe companies who you aspire to be.

Learning from the best is always a good strategy when starting something new. Take notes. Be observant of what types of posts get the most attention. Observing your competitors’ practices and what helps and doesn’t help them can allow you to learn from other experts in the field.


Hire a consultant.

Hiring someone to manage the headache for you is a viable strategy for anyone with a schedule too packed to even begin thinking about a social media strategy. Don’t know what to post? A consultant will help you decide this as well. Thinking of running for office but don’t know how to navigate the social media waters? Raconteur Media has the team who understands your goals and will work with you to be your guide in your campaign.