Best Use of a Landing Page for Digital Fundraising Bronze

Carter Email Fundraising Plan

The John Carter campaign had never implemented an online fundraising strategy program before. In the wake of a general election opponent raising millions off  a viral video, the campaign knew they must act. We needed to build an email list from scratch using modeled data-driven advertising. As we built the list, we knew we would have the challenge of creating active engagements from an audience that was not used to hearing from the campaign. So, this email needed to fight through all of those challenges and reach and prompt the audience into donating. 

The campaign had never kept constant communication with a list of supporters/donors.  Our efforts allowed them to keep an active audience of approximately 23,000 voters and donors from within the district, as well as, donors from neighboring districts under Democrat control.  

The average gift of these new donors was $400. The total amount raised was $56,000. 

We built an audience using modeled data to build an email list, then prospected that list. We built results that the campaign was excited about.