Harris County Commissioners wanted to raise county property taxes on homeowners by 10% – 12% in one year. This increase is controversial because of its size and because the Harris County Commission is comprised of five elected members, two Republicans and three Democrats. The two Republican Commissioners turned to our client, HRBC PAC, with the issue that the three Democrat County Commissioners were bringing the tax increase up for a vote and said “We need your help to get the word out to voters and homeowners. This tax increase could pass in council if we don’t put pressure on the other three voting members.” The Raconteur Solution: build a website, then target voters with banner ads and social media messages to drive them to the website. Voters were able to use the website to calculate their home’s values, and then figure out what the new property tax would be if the vote went through. On the same page as their results was a form allowing them to write a letter with opposition to the tax increase that went to all five Commissioners. More than 2,000 letters were sent with a conversion rate of 23% from traffic to the website. The Harris County Commission decided not to vote for the tax increase. The two conservatives on the commission said without HRBC’s help, this tax increase would’ve gone through. They contacted us and we had this idea on how to get people engaged and give them a reason to write a letter.