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Harris County Commissioners wanted to raise county property taxes on homeowners by 12%. The most important challenge was for the Harris County Commissioners who oppose this tax increase was to reach enough taxpayers to voice their opposition in less than ten days. There are 1.58 million homeowners in Harris County who pay property taxes to the county according to the U.S. census. Reaching enough of them in a short amount of time required a fast and efficient digital advertising plan. Because the Commission is majority Democrat, the commissioners supporting the tax increase expected it to pass. This tax increase was a controversial fight between Texas Republicans and Democrats, who are reforming municipal property tax laws in the state legislature. This fight was the first of its kind after the state legislature property tax reformers in the 2019 legislative session.

With the help of Mammoth Marketing Group and Raconteur Media Company, we launched a website for Harris County residents to calculate how a proposed property tax increase would affect them. Harris County Commissioners Court was considering a 12% hike in property taxes which HRBC opposed, and thus launched this website for Harris County residents to make their voices heard.

We built a website where taxpayers could calculate the difference between their current tax rate and their new tax rate if the Harris County Commissioners raised property taxes by 12%. We delivered 381,243 advertising impressions to 63,936 voters across Harris County. The website included a link where property owners could enter their address and find their current property value. They could enter that value into a property tax calculator and they could find their new property tax rate. If they opposed the property tax increase on the results page they could send a message to the three Harris County Commissioners who supported and were going to vote for the 12% property tax increase. We managed an advertising program that generated more than 2,000 letters from 6,895 website visitors from September 26th to October 10th.