Keep Texas First

The Texas Association of Manufacturers contacted Raconteur during the fall leading up to the 2019 Legislative Session. They anticipated a legislative battle on their hands, and they wanted to get lawmakers and Capitol staff to pay attention to their message. To accomplish this they knew they needed a digital partner who had expertise in digital advertising, writing content, creating video and designing websites. More importantly this partner needed to know how to talk to a legislative audience. Raconteur set goals of what their budget could do, and explained to the associations and people involved about how digital marketing would help their legislative and lobbying efforts. Raconteur created a website completely centered around their specific topic, crafted social media messages and set up an editorial calendar for the legislative session. The topic was complex so we created a video as an easy way to make the audience engaged and aware of what was going on. Banner ads targeted lawmakers and staff who were involved in and around the capitol. Before the session even ended our client was so successful that their goals were achieved. The Texas Association of Manufacturers was very happy with our work. Texas Association of Manufacturers President & CEO President Tony Bennett continually expressed his satisfaction for Raconteur’s professional approach and successfully executing such an important project.