Quadvest is a Texas success story, who when faced with a crisis turned to Raconteur for a crisis communications plan. The multi-generation owned company is a private utility in the growing area north of Houston. The company provides water to rural, suburban and corporate clients in Montgomery County. Recently, local water regulators enforced arbitrary rules that forced Quadvest to raise its customers rates 5x’s, and many rural homeowners are seeing their monthly water bills jump from $200 to more than $1,000.

With Quadvest squarely in the crosshairs of angry customers and hostile local regulators, Raconteur helped Quadvest with a crisis communications plan. We provided talking points and media training for the company’s CEO. We worked with the company’s legal team to summarize their lawsuit in simpler language for local media and customers to understand how Quadvest is fighting the rate increases.

Quadvest is now holding public forums, inviting customers and elected officials to do what local regulators cannot – defend their actions based on the merits.